Grist | "It should be tougher to fly first class" (guest essay, 2021)

The New Republic | "Carbon Markets are Terrible—But We Still Need Them" (guest essay, 2021)

Premium airline seats are so carbon intensive, they should be reserved for people with medical needs.

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On the Wind River Indian Country, the meaning of wildness is tangled in a mess of wild horses, buffalo, and human beings.

An essay on the paradoxical narratives that overlay the Arctic landscape—a frontier, a paradise, a marker of humanity’s impact on the planet.

With the majority of Americans now covered by a net-zero target, the US has an opportunity to level up subnational and private sector climate action.

Trauma, healing, and the enduring legacy of the 10th Mountain Division.

Current models show that we need to pull huge quantities of carbon out of the air. Right now, though, the tools for doing that are mostly being used for corporate greenwashing.

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